See How Texans View the Issue of Citizen Redistricting

Should the redrawing of Congressional districts be controlled by an independent, non-partisan commission?

Results From Texans          


pie chart

Yes     40,138 votes          83%

No         8,177 votes           17%


“When the Primaries Were Over So Were The Elections”


The March 4th primaries determined the outcome of at least 34 of the 36 congressional seats in Texas.  An additional one will be decided in the Republican runoff in May.  There is only one district that a member of either party truly has the opportunity to win.


The primaries also determined the outcome of all but two races for the Texas Senate.  Again one will be determine in the Republican runoff in May and there is one district that is perhaps competitive.


In the 150 member Texas House of Representatives there are less than 10 districts in which the outcome was not predetermined in the primaries.


The general election, where far more Texans will vote, will have virtually no effect on who our representatives are because the politicians have already chosen their voters.


“This Is Not How Our Democracy Was Intended To Function”